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You are entering the No Hype Zone!

I like your interviews on the Money Show. You don’t come off as a know-it-all or I’m better than you because I know this and you don’t. You’re calm, speak clearly, and simplify what can be a confusing subject. Well done.

Erie, PA

Hi, Doc!

I just ordered your new book and am excited to get started! Thank you for your time and effort in writing this book.

P. S.  Loved No Hype Options   I refer to it frequently.



Phoenix, AZ

I've been following your blog regularly, which says a lot since I don't follow many financial blogs. As a result, I bought a copy of No-Hype on Amazon. It is truly as advertised: No bull****. I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks.


New York, NY

I was a former member of "Flying with the Iron Condor" and just wanted to send a huge THANK YOU! I have tried multiple systems (too many to count). FWTC is by far the most reliable. I started with opening 10 RUT Iron Condor contracts per month a little over 2 years ago. I just finished opening my February 2015 Iron Condor trade with 60 contracts! All funds generated by reinvesting profits back into the system (taking a nice little "paycheck" on a monthly basis as well). Just wanted to say thank you for the time and experience while I was part of the service.

Chicago, IL

Hello Dr.,
After spending 3 days at the expo, I found the last presentation which happened to be yours was the most meaningful... Thank you!

Las Vegas, NV

Options A-Z was the best I've taken (college included). As a finance major I took class after class about corporate finance, investing, portfolio management etc. and learned absolutely nothing. Ever since I took your Options A-Z course I have been obsessed with learning anything I can about options trading...

Chicago, IL

The annual fee ($250) really paid off: Just follow-up your NFLX trade step by step ended at a gain of $316 (14.66%). Using the same approach for GOOG  ended at a gain of $770 (19.66%).


Toronto, Canada

I enjoyed your talk at the expo....the most useful of all those I attended.  Actually went up to the Wiley booth and bought the book!   I have been working diligently for over a year trying to make a credit spread income strategy work and I have witnessed many of the points you made.


San Diego, CA

The [online webinar] course is priceless. For me it was one of the best courses I ever did in my academic life.


I would like to acknowledge you for your wisdom and great integrity of offering education and services in a financial trading arena that is rife with people and teachers who are not in alignment with the greater good like you are. I'm in great appreciation of you and the quality of the work that you do.

Vancouver, Canada