Conservative Income Strategies

Generate More Income Safely

The conservative use of options isn't sexy; steady annual returns of 20-25% are drowned out in the marketing hype of the get rich quick schemes. This short course will cover how to use options in very conservative ways. In fact, you will be incurring less risk than the investor with a blue chip stock portfolio. Did that get your attention? It's true. Many academic studies have confirmed that these trading techniques actually reduce the volatility of returns in the stock portfolio, and thus are less risky than holding a blue chip stock portfolio.

The classes will be recorded and archived so you can review the course as often as you wish. You also have access to Dr. Duke between classes, and even after the course is over, to answer questions and advise you as you begin to apply what you have learned. This seven week class series will begin Monday, November 12th at 8:00 pm CT.

This class series includes a special bonus. Course attendees will be able to "watch over Dr. Duke's shoulder" as he selects, configures, and manages the trades in one of his accounts, using the techniques you will learn in this course. You will learn by doing. This is the real thing. These trading techniques really work and Dr. Duke will take you by the hand and show you how to apply these strategies in your account. You will have your own private coach to ensure you get it right.

Do you worry about market downturns? Subscribers to our Conservative Income service, following the techniques we teach in this course, sailed through the February and October corrections with a minimal losses. Those traders are now up 14% for 2018 while the S&P 500 stands at a gain of about three percent.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn to generate more income from your retirement accounts, and, to do it safely!  You could easily pay thousands of dollars and receive far less. But we are offering this course for the very low price of $699. Previous coaching students of Dr. Duke are eligible for a 50% discount. Previous students of this course may attend again for only $99.  Contact us for the details.

This is a special opportunity. You will recover the cost of the course before the course is even completed! In the August course series, the students who followed Dr. Duke's trades during the course had generated $5,956 in the first five weeks of the course. The price of this course is indeed a bargain. Download the course syllabus here. Register today.

$ 699.00


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