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The markets moved higher again today. I'm not sure why - I suppose traders are interpreting all news as optimistic. The RUT closed at $517.46, right in the neighborhood of resistance set in January ($519) and then in early May ($512). The market shrugged off a pessimistic report from payroll-processing giant ADP and the consulting firm, Macroeconomic Advisers, reporting that private sector jobs fell 473,000 in June. Tomorrow's non-farm payroll report is not likely to be rosy, but it is unclear how this market will respond.

Our July iron butterfly is getting close to requiring an adjustment with a position delta of -$90 and theta = +$182; our theta/delta ratio is still strong, but if the market continues up in the morning, I will have to decide whether to adjust tomorrow or take some risk and defer to Monday. Since this position has a good chunk of profit and we have a three day weekend of time decay, it will be very tempting to postpone the adjustment decision.

Our August iron condors are fine with position delta = -$56 and theta = +$92; the $570 call's delta is 15. I think it is unlikely we will have to adjust this trade, but if the short call delta reaches 18-20, I will adjust even though I won't understand why this market is so strong. But we have to remember to follow our rules rather than attempting to predict the market's moves. It is prudent to watch the market closely and do your best to anticipate its moves, but it is imperative that we never get into the position of thinking something like, "the market can't continue to move up, so I am not going to adjust my position because I am sure it will pull back". In general, we want to respond to the market's moves, rather than predicting its moves. Trade what you see, not what you think is coming.