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The markets continue to teeter on the edge; the SPX and RUT both appeared to be pulling back from resistance levels set in early June, but reversed course mid-day and closed near where they opened, with minimal net change. My positions are hedged against further upside movement, so I am simply waiting for the market to decide whether it will break resistance and set new highs or pull back.

My iron butterfly stands at P/L of -$797, delta = -$47, and theta = +$75; my breakeven on the upside is $542, so I have some room for this position to be profitable and a reasonable positive theta while I wait for the market to choose a direction.

My Aug iron condor stands at a P/L = -$740, delta = -$37, and theta = +$37. This is a minimal theta/delta ratio of 1:1, but the long Sept $530 calls have me effectively hedged up to about RUT = $540, so I can patiently wait.

At this point, either the market breaks to the upside and I close my positions for minimized losses due to the adjustments, or the market pulls back and I have the opportunity for these positions to play out for a profit. The adjustments allow me to patiently wait rather than trying to predict the market and hope I am right.