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As everyone begins to think about the FOMC announcement tomorrow, the market traded strongly higher today. SPX gained $21 to close at $2043. And RUT fully participated for a change, up $16 at $1132. Volatility contracted nearly two points with the VIX at 21%. Trading volume fell off a bit with 2.7 billion shares of the S&P 500 stocks trading. Trading dropped 10% on the NYSE and declined 6% on NASDAQ.

The CPI reported flat for December, down from +0.2% last month. The Empire manufacturing survey from the NY Fed improved a bit for December but remained negative at -4.6, up from -10.7.

Everyone is obsessing about the FOMC announcement and a possible interest rate hike tomorrow afternoon. Today's strong market was surprising to me. Has the fear of a global economic slowdown been alleviated somehow? Do we know what the Fed will do tomorrow? For that matter, do we know how the market will react?

If you have any December index options that are anywhere near the money, you might consider closing them. There may be some wild swings in the market and implied volatility for the next two days. I closed the 1940/1950 put spreads in our December SPX condor today. Assuming the 2160/2170 call spreads expire worthless, this condor is closed for a loss of $64 per contract or -8%. We hedged the position three times and rolled spreads twice - a busy month! This brings the Flying With The Condorâ„¢ trade alert service to +40% for 2015. Since SPX is down about 1% for the year, that is a superb performance. Our SPX Jan iron condor positioned at 1850/1860 and 2210/2220 stands at a net gain of 8% and is perfectly delta neutral.

Get your chips and snacks out for the Fed watch...