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I didn't expect any sustained trend in the markets until we get past the FOMC announcement next week, but this week's trading has been steadily downward. The S&P 500 has lost 2% of its value in the past three days. SPX closed today at $2048, down $16 and RUT lost $14 to close at $1146. The VIX moved up two points to close at 19.6%. RUT broke through its 50 dma yesterday and SPX broke its 50 dma today. RUT found support at $1140 in October and November, so I am watching to see if that level holds once again. The analogous support level on the SPX chart is $2020. SPX traded over a wide range today, trading as high as $2080 by about 10:30 am ET, but then trending downward until early afternoon.

There wasn't any significant economic data reported today. Oil prices, fears of a global recession, and anticipated interest rate hikes seem to dominate traders' concerns. Bernanke was surprised by the market's swift reaction when he mentioned raising interest rates a couple of years ago. I still find it a bit surprising if a 25 basis point interest rate hike will send this market over the cliff. At a minimum, we can expect some significant market volatility next week. But when I look at the market's price action since last Thursday, I have to wonder, "more volatility?"

I think it will be prudent to look closely at your positions and decide whether you want to carry them into the FOMC announcement.