Dr. Duke’s Stock and Options Coaching 

Are you tired of paying thousands of hard earned dollars for trading education and yet finding those hyped gains to be elusive? Kerry Given, Ph.D. (Dr. Duke) cuts through all of the marketing hype and get rich quick schemes surrounding stock and options trading. Follow Dr. Duke's blog and see for yourself. Dr. Duke is an educator who actually trades the market each day and shares his experience with you. You are entering The No Hype Zone!

See what current clients of Dr. Duke are saying. They are confirming the high quality and honesty of everything Dr. Duke does.

New! Check out Conservative Income, a new trading advisory service for conservative investors looking for ways to increase the income from their portfolio safely. This service started in April 2016 and ended the year up 8.1% for an annualized gain of 10.8%. This service has now gained 13.7% for 2017 through October's option expiration. Download the track record.

Dr. Duke's latest book, Time Is Money, is now available on Amazon. This book focuses on non-directional trading and is already receiving excellent reviews. Dr. Duke's first book, No-Hype Options Trading, is also available on Amazon. No-Hype Options Trading was praised as, "the best introductory book on options that I've ever encountered".

Follow Dr. Duke as he trades the Flying With the Condor™ trading service. This service outperformed the S&P 500 by a wide margin with a 40% gain for 2015, broke even in 2016, and is up 12% through October this year. Download the track record.

Do you find it hard to find time to attend a trading course? Now you can choose the class or classes you desire and stream the videos to your phone, iPad or computer as often as you wish. More importantly, you may watch the videos
at the times most convenient for you. Concentrate on the topics of most interest to you. Check out the recorded videos on this web site. New classes are being added every week.

Pick up new trading ideas and fine tune your options knowledge with Dr. Duke's Trading Group. Two private webinars each month cover overall market trends, brief tutorials,
and a discussion of Dr. Duke's current and perspective trades. Pick up trading tips, get ideas for trades, and bounce your ideas off the group for additional perspectives. Trade alerts from Dr. Duke's Trading Group achieved a 74% win/loss record for 2016 and finished the year with a net gain of 169%. The high performance has continued into 2017 with a net 118% gain through October. Download the track record.

Private stock and options coaching is available. Coaching is delivered live via webinar or face-to-face within the greater Chicago area.
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Dr. Duke invites you to join The No Hype Zone.  Members receive The No Hype Zone Newsletter each weekend. Dr. Duke shares his perspective on the markets and his recommendations for very conservative, non-directional positions.
The No Hype Zone Newsletter recommendations gained 65% in 2016 and is up 27% through October expiration. Learn more about The No Hype Zone membership here.

Check out Dr. Duke's videos recorded at the International Traders Expos and the Money Shows.